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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

> > > This is still debatable - some bugs are more serious than others.  Many are
> > > requests for enhancements: these should be exempt from the 12 months limit.
> >
> > I never said otherwise.  People with such bug reports can do one of
> > several things:
> >
> > 1) Mark it as "forwarded" -- This should be done for any "bug" that is
> >    beyond the responsibility of the maintainer, which almost all feature
> >    requests will be.  Of those that are not, most will be small enhance-
> >    ments that can easily be done within a few months.  There are a few
> >    exceptions to both of these cases, but they cover the large majority.
> I've stated this in another message:  I don't think that forwarding a
> bug should necessarily make it not critical.  If a bug exists that is
> important to Debian, but not to the upstream maintainer, then we should
> fix it if it's around too long, and forward patches upstream.

We're talking about two different things, here.  I was suggesting ways
for dealing with "feature enhancements" (see the original quote, above)
that have gone unanswered for too long.

Real bugs are a different matter, though I don't think it's reasonable
to simply expect a maintainer to fix upstream bugs.  There is no reason
why a forwarded bug cannot became critical.  It just won't do so by
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