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Re: Problems with 1.2.1

On Sat, 11 Jan 1997, John Goerzen wrote:

> How about having a frozen-stable and a frozen-unstable section?  (The 
> frozen-unstable would not exist except when a new "major" release of the OS is 
> pending, like the "frozen" distribution now)

Please not. The toplevel ftp-hierarchy is already messed up completly and
we should try to find a system that is _easier_ and less complex. Removing
"non-free" and "contrib" as already suggested is one step in the right
I do not have anything against having those (and your) sections logically,
but not expressed through the filesystem (thats complexity in the wrong

> For some reason, 1.2 is not the same way.  Does anybody know why?  I think if 
> we can find out what is being done differently here, maybe we can narrow down 
> the problem.

Too many packages. 

To give a picture: Debian is like a house where the highest floors are
polished while the entrance (-> visitors and new inhabiters) and the
cellar (-> grounding) are neglected. If you look from the distance at the
building, it is impressive because it is the highest (are we?) among the
Linux-Distributions but if you ever get nearer ...

We should not measure Debians success by the number of packages it
provides. Though the numbers are really impressive, they are meaningless
if the packages cause big trouble like in 1.2. After the complains I got
from friends about 1.2, I did not dare to upgrade yet (and that me!).

It makes not much sense to me to put any new package on the stack
-regardless if stable or unstable- as long as we don't fix the fundamental
problems we have for quite a while now. Examples: dselect or TeX. 
We should concentrate all our man-power on those instead of enlarging the
range of possible errors. It would be a difficult task because we're all
volunteers and nobody likes to be forced on something without payment. :-)
On the other hand, this situation would only last for a limited time and I
could accept that personally.


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