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Re: Policy: dealing with bugs

Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org> writes:

> Perhaps I can integrate that in the upload procedure? 
> i.e. Release would grep through the changes file for
> Bug#xxxx and send out messages to xxxx-done@bugs.debian.org after the
> upload and announcements?

That may be a little to tricky unless there is a very well defined bug
fix syntax.  We don't want a message like:

  * Place warning message describing bug #6498.

to substitute as a fix for bug #6498.  Of course, a developer should
always double check bug fix messages which return from the bug
server.  I admit that I don't always do this.

I also try to follow Brian White's suggestion of mentioning a bug fix
in the changelog, and not closing a bug until I have uploaded the bug.
It would be better if the bug remained open until the package has been
installed in the main ftp site.  This way, the original bug submitter
has a fighting chance of verifying that the bug has been fixed.
Currently, I don't trust myself to do this.  During the holiday
season, some of my uploads took nearly 2 weeks to appear on the ftp

Kevin Dalley

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