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Re: No Copyright on a source

> I got a support program from CTAN and debianized it for personnal use. I
> would like to upload it but I got no COPYRIGHT licence on it. Only the author
> name are wrote (Terry Brown if someone know him) and no e-mail address.  Can
> I go forward and put it in Contrib or Not-Free or this is impossible. 

Nope, out of luck. From the Debian policy manual:
  Note that under international copyright law[3] no distribution or
  modification of a work is allowed without an explicit notice saying so.
  Therefore a program without a copyright notice is copyrighted and you 
  not do anything to it without risking being sued! Likewise if a program 
  has a copyright notice but no statement saying what is permitted then 
  nothing is permitted.   

The policy manual suggests to ask the author, but this is a bit difficult 
your case.

PS: I've seen unclearly copyrightsed material on CTAN too, which is really 
    a pity. The LaTeX3 copyright isn't the best either.

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