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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

> > It's bit more work than a wave of my magic wand.  I posted several
> > times if anybody had any suggestions, but was ignored:
> >
> > How would the .changes file indicate that a package would go in the
> > stable or unstable section on non-free?
> Distribution: non-free-unstable

Well, I don't mind the way things currently are, but if people
really want stable/unstable versions of contrib and non-free, then
I'd suggest making "contrib" and "non-free" sections under
stable/unstable just like "admin", "base", "devel", etc. are.

It's still easy for CD makers to remove those sections.  The
only drawback I can see is that if those sections get large
then there is no easy way to subdivide them further.  However,
since the current single-level organization could use some
augmentation, it should be easy to accommodate having non-free
and contrib as sections.
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