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Re: Please, dpkg-divert clarifications needed


On 8 Jan 1997, Guy Maor wrote:

> Go read the programmer's manual chapter 11.  It's pretty easy.  What
> are you trying to use diversions on?

Thanks but I read it as well as the manpage. My question wasn't clear 
enough. What I want to know is about the way dpkg use the diversion list.

Example: I currently maintain auctex (soon replaces by auctex-emacs and 
auctex-xemacs). The maintainer of latex-manuals need to divert one of my 
file (ltx-help.el[c] if I remember well) and the best way to do it it's 
with dpkg-divert (that's the purpose I think, replace the old file by a 
more efficient one). But I don't want to override his file when I upgrade 
the package. Did I have to do something about that or dpkg make care 
about don't let diverted (and alternated by the same time) file be 
override by new version of another package?

>Yes, put your .el files in /etc/emacs/site-start.d and call them
>`50whatever.el'.  The files are run in numeric order on startup; use
>50 by default.  See /usr/lib/emacs/19.34/lisp/debian-rundir.el for

Did xemacs will follow the same way? And this isn't have its place in
chapter 3.11 of the policy? And what about source file (.el) of 
Byte-compiled (.elc)? Did we put it with the binary package or not?

Thanks for your patience :-)

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