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Re: Suggestion for new homepage

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Susan G. Kleinmann wrote:

> Hi Winfried --
> You said:
> > Under 
> >         http://www.mi.uni-koeln.de/~truemper/debian/
> > I've converted the announcement for 1.2 into a new homepage for
> > www.debian.org. 
> I think it's very good, and would be an improvement over the current
> homepage because:
> a) the page is more highly formatted, but ... 
> b) the formatting has an elegant simplicity to it.
> c) the links are all placed in one place, easily accessible.
> I would suggest only these additions:
> 1.  I think the project desperately needs a logo, and this should of
>     course go at the top of the page.

We (that is the people on the debian-publicity mailing list) are heavily
working on this subject. Our plans are to have a logo elected by the
Debian people before the next release, perhaps in one month.

I will set a up a new logo page later this day. The current logo page is
accessable via


You can browse different versions of our "Logo Page", give feedback and
see what others think about the logos through the "Feedback Page".

Perhaps you should mention this page on the new home page until we have
chosen an official Debian logo.



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