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Re: Suggestion for new homepage

Hi Winfried --
You said:
> Under 
>         http://www.mi.uni-koeln.de/~truemper/debian/
> I've converted the announcement for 1.2 into a new homepage for
> www.debian.org. 

I think it's very good, and would be an improvement over the current
homepage because:
a) the page is more highly formatted, but ... 
b) the formatting has an elegant simplicity to it.
c) the links are all placed in one place, easily accessible.

I would suggest only these additions:
1.  I think the project desperately needs a logo, and this should of
    course go at the top of the page.
2.  It would be best if all of the pages to which the homepage pointed
    had the same graphical structure (i.e., the same header, and a uniform
    footer), so that users could easily recognize as well as navigate 
    among the Debian WWW pages.  This is a common (if not the most common)
    suggestion that design experts make about building WWW sites.
3.  It would be good to add these links to the top line:
    -- the official list of mirrors (whatever that is now).
    -- the Debian package finder http://house.cs.tut.fi/~hessu/debian/.

Susan Kleinmann

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