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Re: Multi-binary packages and documentation directories

'Dale Scheetz wrote:'
>On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Chris Fearnley wrote:
>> Guy and Dale bring up excellent points against my previous proposal.
>> So how about this variation on the theme:  the copyright and changelogs
>> go in /usr/doc/<source-pkg>.  /usr/doc/<binary-pkg> exists and is
>> either a symbolic link to /usr/doc/<source-pkg> or (in the case that
>> the documentation should be strictly separated between the several
>> packages), simply the copyright and changelogs are symlinks to
>> /usr/doc/<source-pkg> and the rest of the files may or may not be
>> symlinks as the situation warrants.
>> At least if this advice were in the policy manual, it would help new
>> developers decide how to proceed.  I think it should be stated that
>> some packages may warrant exceptional treatment and the above is
>> advisory as opposed to manditory?  The manditory parts would be:
>> copyright and at least one changelog under /usr/doc/<pkg>.
>> Or does anyone have anything better?
>This is ok with me, although I am a little concerned that the
>/usr/doc/<source-pkg> paths could make things confusing. Unless there is a
>compelling reason to clutter up /usr/doc with these directories, why not
>just put all the redundant pieces (copyright and changelog) into the first
>/usr/doc/<pkg> and put symlinks to it in the additional package
>directories (with specific, non-redundant files in their appropriate
>directory). This would avoid confusion created by the additional
><source-pkg> directories.

I like this.  Who is editing the policy manual?  Can this be added,

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