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Re: Proposal: A config file for runlevels (DRAFT)

Winfried Truemper <winni@xpilot.org> writes:

> I view the
> rc.d-directories as files because they only contain links

That's a very simplistic view.  It is much more difficult, in my
opinion, for a bug to corrupt other lines in a file than to corrupt
other files in a directory.

That is the single compelling reason to go with multiple files in a
directory versus multiple entries in a file: it is easier to recover
from an error.

There is another option which you might want to explore - make a
package called alt-initrc.  It would contain your config file and a
program which would parse it and create the appropriate links in

You would also write a program to edit the config file.  It would
first verify that the config file matches the current layout to ensure
that the administrator hasn't modified the links by hand.  It would
then allow editing of the file, with a lock if you desire.  Finally it
would make the /etc/rc* links correspond to the new file.


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