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Re: some netstd changes ...

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Boris D. Beletsky wrote:

> Hi Dale, You wrote:
>  Dale> Well, dpkg -s popclient says:
>  Dale> Package 'popclient' is not installed ....
>  Dale> Nope, I think I am using the one from netstd (which is
>  Dale> installed).
> Strange, I am using it for two years now. The only pop-client I had
> problems with, is fetchmail.
Well, I first noticed it when popclient said it got 2 mail messages (a
rare amount) but nothing showed up when I cranked up pine. Since then I
have been paying attention to the count and typicaly I only loose one or
two in a batch, but sometimes larger blocks go missing.
On the other hand, I get some mails from linux-kernel that have broken
headers, so I could imagine that popclient thought it got a mail message
that pine ignores because it's broken badly.

Still investigating,


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