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Multi-binary packages and documentation directories

What exactly is the correct place for multi-binary packages to place their
documentation (i.e. all in the same directory for one source package, or
in separate directories, one per binary package)? This is not specified in
the policy manual (perhaps it should be), although it seems to me the most
sensible is all from the same source package in a common directory.

However, many multi-binary packages currently have their documentation in
several directories (eg gpm and libgpm1, (almost?) all packages which have
a standard and a -dev edition, etc.), and this, to me, just looks messy,
and is inconvenient. Also, not every binary package needs a
copyright/changelog file, if it is provided by another binary from the
same source set, which means that some useless files in the documentation 
directory can be removed, saving some space.

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