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Re: some netstd changes ...

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Boris D. Beletsky wrote:

> Hi Dale, You wrote:
>  Dale>
>  Dale> On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Boris D. Beletsky wrote:
>  Dale> I've been useing popclient for over a year. Lately I
>  Dale> have noticed that it sometimes reports more messages than I can
>  Dale> find when I open pine. Please note that I ALWAYS shut down pine
>  Dale> before I start popclient, so it isn't a collision/conflict on
>  Dale> the mail file. My hope is that the maintainer of fetchmail will
>  Dale> be able to groom the package into better shape than popclient.
>  Dale> Note: I haven't changed yet either, but I probably will soon.
> I think you mean the popclient package, I mean the old netstd
> popclient - it never let me down.
> popclient release 2.21 [2.5] (4/1/94)
Well, dpkg -s popclient says: Package 'popclient' is not installed ....

Nope, I think I am using the one from netstd (which is installed).



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