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RFC: Layout for debian menus

Here's my thoughts as to how the revised menu tree could look:

       Apps            -- all normal apps
         Editors       -- editors (run it in xterm, if nothing else)
         Net           -- mail, news, web, irc, etc
         Programming   -- debuggers, etc
         Shells        -- Different shells, like bash, ksh, zsh, ...
         Tools         -- other tools: xclock, xmag, xman,
         Viewers       -- Picture viewers, gs, ...
         Math          -- Math apps like: gnuplot, octave, oleo,..
         Graphics      -- xpaint, xfig, xtiff, 
         Emulators     -- Dosemu, ...
         Sound         --
         System        -- system administration and monitoring
       Games           -- games and recreations
         Arcade        -- (any game where reflexes count)
         Puzzles       -- Stuff from xpuzzles, ...
         Toys          -- (oneko, xeyes, etc.)
         Adventure     -- 
         Board         -- Like: Gnuchess, pente, gnugo
         Card          -- solitare, etc
         Tetris-like   -- games involving falling blocks
       Screen          --
         Lock          -- xlock, etc.
         Screen-saver  --
         Root-window   -- things that fill the root window
       Window-managers -- (change between fvwm, afterstep, etc)
         Modules       -- fvwm modules, etc. 
       XShells         -- shells (like xterm, rxvt, ...)
                          (running the user's login shell in them).

Some things to keep in mind:

* The tree is only 2 levels deep, I expect it will become 3 levels deep in
places when some submenus get too full. We've been advised to limit it to
3 sublevels deep so it doesn't become to hard to traverse.

* I've kept the root menu as small as possible. Currently just Apps,
Games, Screen, Window-managers and XShells are in it, and XShells is there
only becuase I can't imagine anyone not wanting a quick way to launch an
xterm :-) . I expect that if you're using a window manager like fvwm, you
can esily add more items to the root menu (for example make /Net link to
/Apps/Net if you use network tools a lot). So I think our basic root menu
should have as few entries as possible.

-- Joey

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