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Re: ncompress 4.2.4-2 uploaded to lalug.org

On 31 Dec 1996, Kai Henningsen wrote:

> clameter@waterf.org (Christoph Lameter)  wrote on 30.12.96 in <E0vesBf-0000YS-00@waterf.org>:
> >    * install uncompress as uncompress.real since gzip maintainer did not
> What on earth for?
> Is there *anything* that the "real" uncompress does, that the gzip version  
> doesn't - except create patent problems?

Uncompress isn't important to me, compress is.  However, uncompress is
just a symbolic link to compress and not having the real compress can
cause problems for CNews. For example, my upstream news feed uses the real
uncompress to process my CNews news batches and would have trouble if I
created them with gzip.


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