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I just upgraded our ISP web server to rex, and had to recompile
the DBI and DBD perl modules for the new perl. The resulting
compiles failed to install due to the following in theMakefile:

INSTALLPRIVLIB = /home/torin/work/debian/perl/perl-5.003.07/debian/tmp$(PREFIX)/lib/perl5
INSTALLARCHLIB = /home/torin/work/debian/perl/perl-5.003.07/debian/tmp$(PREFIX)/lib/perl5/i386-linux/5.00307
INSTALLSITELIB = /home/torin/work/debian/perl/perl-5.003.07/debian/tmp$(PREFIX)/local/lib/site_perl
INSTALLSITEARCH = /home/torin/work/debian/perl/perl-5.003.07/debian/tmp$(PREFIX)/local/lib/site_perl/i386-linux
INSTALLBIN = /home/torin/work/debian/perl/perl-5.003.07/debian/tmp$(PREFIX)/bin
INSTALLSCRIPT = /home/torin/work/debian/perl/perl-5.003.07/debian/tmp$(PREFIX)/bin

A few more lines like this were scattered  through the Makefile. I think
all this comes from perls Config.pm. Should this be filed as a bug?


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