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Re: why no email about packages added to debian?

> I haven't changed anything.  You can look in ~maor/dinstall/report* to
> see when your files were installed.
Yes, I see that my stuff's been installed ok. There are entries in the log
for packages of mine that were installed throughout this month of
December, and I haven't gotten any of those reports.

> Has anybody gotten reports recently?

The last time I recieved one was on November 10th.

#!/usr/bin/perl -pl-                                   # ,,ep) ayf >|)nj,,
$_=reverse lc$_;s@"@''@g;y/[]{A-U}<>()a-y1-9,!.?`'/][} #         Joey Hess
{><)(eq)paj6y!fk7wuodbjsfn^mxhl5Eh29L86`i'%,/;s@k@>|@g # jeh22@cornell.edu

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