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Re: uHm... what happened? :)

Here's another head scratcher....

My development machine (bo distribution, 2.0.21) had a runaway process
last night which caused it to go into a death spiral.  I was trying to
build a debian package (for dwww) and something went horribly wrong.

I was running dpkg-buildpackage at the time, but I am not certain that
it cause the problem.

I had one process (I believe it was running perl) that I couldn't kill
even with kill -9.  After the system load got up to about 20, I decided
to reboot the machine.  I typed "reboot" in as root - but it wouldn't
fully shut down.  I eventually had to resort to pressing the reset
button on the front of the machine.

When it rebooted, I had to manually run fsck on my root partition, and 
quite a few files throughout the system were mutilated.  I've since had
to reinstall tkgoodstuff and inn, and my cvs repository (ouch) -- and 
I'm sure that there are hundreds of other munched up files scattered
thoughout the filesystem that I haven't encountered yet.  Yuck.  :-(

It looks like it'll be a day or two of work before everything's back
to normal.

I wonder if I may have accidentally stumbled across the same problem,
or maybe something else altogether.

Any ideas about what happened to me?

 - Jim

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