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Packages I'm working on

If anyone's already doing one of these, please let me know.
>From least to most ready:

* radiusd-merit-las -- Dial up authentication software (non-free extra)

 Dermot Bradley's radiusd-merit, tuned and patched with Merit's LAS code
 so it can also be a Local Authentication Server for Michnet
 Dial-Up Affiliates.  I'm not yet certain that Merit truly allows
 free redistribution of this patch, though it's labelled as shareware.

* scion-2.0 -- (from the Michnet Net-SCARF project) (net extra)
 A package to generate webpages with graphs showing the current
 and historical traffic load of your internet routers.  It
 polls routers and hosts with SNMP queries and archives
 the data for processing by the cgi-bin programs.  This and everything
 below is free software.

 (It'll be days before I can be certain the charts are graphing
 correctly, though.)

* ttysnoop-0.12c -- Telnet session monitoring program (net, or admin?)

 A client-server combination which allows the administrator to
 watch and participate in incoming telnet sessions.  The
 server is started from in.telnetd; the client can then be used
 by root at any time to monitor or take over a virtual tty.

 (A scary package, but useful for helping new UNIX users.)

* yabasic-2.0 (games, or maybe devel?)  :-)

 Description: Yet Another BASIC interpreter
  Implements the most common (and simple) elements of the language
  plus some graphics, which run under X.  Anyone who has ever written
  BASIC programs on a C-64 should feel at home.

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