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Re: Xt xterm security hole

Daniel Quinlan writes:
 > Bruce Perens <bruce@pixar.com> writes:
 > > What shared library problems pop up if we go with XFree 3.2 ?
 > > 	Bruce
 > None.  I upgrade Red Hat to XFree 3.2 by unpacking the S3 X server
 > binary.  That's it.  It fixes the "right edge" problem with the #9
 > Motion 771 and other S3-968 cards.  (I reported this bug some time
 > ago.)

(I know this is an old message I'm replying to, so you've probably
already been told this.)

There's more to X11R6.1 than the servers. In particular, some of the
shared libraries that clients use have been updated. Some of these
updates are for new features of the server, for instance DGA. Others
are security fixes, for instance in Xt.

Steve Early

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