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New maintainers wanted (knews, mh)

I'm looking for people to take over these packages because I no longer
use them myself (which was what drove me to maintain them in the first
place), which gives me little incentive to actively follow their
development (and informal patches a program such as mh aquires) and
makes it hard for me to test new releases.

Having people take over these programs will also give me more time to
help with the Alpha port (my Multia should be arriving the first week
in December), as well as taking over a couple of orphans.


knews is very stable, and has been for some time---I have a patch from
liw to have knews install itself on system-wide application menus
under certain window managers, but other than that I haven't heard
anything from anyone in quite a while.  That may mean no one is using

I think knews might represent a good first package for someone.


mh still has a couple of issues (though I closed a bunch today), one
of which would involve hacking deep into the code to correct some an
error I have had neither the desire nor the time to track down.  liw
(again!)  also requested that a patch from the exmh source be put in
which might actually be related.  There are also patches from another
user for some POP stuff, which I would forward to the new maintainer.

I think that anyone who takes on mh with the idea of getting it bug
free is doing a service for a number of people but is also jumping
into a tar pit.


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