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Re: Xt xterm security hole

> Joey Hess writes:
> -> > Anyways, I guess this would be acceptable as a workaround, although it
> -> > would make me more comfortable to have an Xaw3D based on R6.1 :)
> -> 
> -> Yes, I think there is a new version based on 6.1, or there will be soon,
> -> and that's what the maintainer of xaw3d is waiting on, I think.
> If that's in reference to 1.3, it's been out since June and it
> compiles relatively easy using the diffs for 1.2a :).  Looks OK so
> far, although xterm seems to prefer the originals.  Moving the
> original aside seems to break the color capabilities of the new xterm
> :(.  Anyways.  I'll leave this to joost now :)

Yeah, people have told me it's there, and I then downloaded it.
But I'm basically waiting form my own switchover to XFree-3.2.

If, as it seems probable now, debian-1.2 is going to use XFree-3.2,
I guess I'll have to upload the xaw3d-1.3 pretty soon now.

joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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