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Re: BS versus DEL (was: I18N for Debian 1.3?)

<big snip>

Most of what you said is also explained in the Key-Setup mini-howto. I
think it suggests the same key mappings for BS and DEL that you came up

> The current setup under X is close, except that the "delete" key returns the
> same code as the "backspace" key.

I also had to add something to ~/.emacs file to get xemacs straightened
out on this issue.

> The setup on the console already matches the suggested behavior.

It's been quite a while since I installed debian and had to deal with this
issue, so I don't remember if I encountered any problems with text-mode

What you're saying, though, is that currently, programs running in the
console treat BS and DEL as two different keys, while programs running
under X treat BS and DEL the same. That's very inconsistent. Instead of
pleasing one side or the other, It seems that debian pleases no one
here. Shouldn't this be cleaned up, one way or the other?

I was also suggesting that apps be configured to recognize page up, page
down, home, and end, where possible. IIRC, there are several that don't.

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