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Re: Uploaded: sendmail_8.7.6-2

> Is there any reason why we still use 8.7.6? I think it would generally be
> better to upgrade to 8.8.2. Not that it would help against this particular
> bug, but against others.

As I mentioned in the announcement, I haven't packaged 8.8.3 yet but I am
looking into it.

There are a number of significant changes in 8.8.x that have led me to believe
an upgrade from 8.7.6 may be non-trivial. I don't know yet whether this is
really true, but it's part of the reason why I've held out on making a package
for it (until now). Also, both 8.8.0 and 8.8.1 were already known to have
introduced security vulnerabilities.

I may try to release an experimental package for 8.8.x before making it

Robert Leslie

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