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Re: Compress in Debian.

In article <m0vPC0m-00000RC@ocean.lucon.org> you wrote:
: /bin/compress in debian 1.1 is linked to gzip. It caused a font
: processing problem while buiding for X11R6.

This was initially fixed in May of 1996.  I'd have to go look at the revision
history to see exactly which versions have this right and wrong.  The gzip
currently in frozen and unstable is correct, and is version 1.2.4-12.  I'm
trying to upload -13 right now, but my DDS circuit has been giving me fits
all weekend.  The change in -13 is merely to reinstate the Essential flag for
the package, which got lost in the conversion to new packaging standards.

It's probably too late to make much difference now, but if buzz has a gzip
package older than -12, it might be worth updating it.

Bdale, the gzip maintainer for Debian

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