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Re: Debian 1.3 suggestion

On Sat, 16 Nov 1996, Brian C. White wrote:

> I think it might be nice to add a new field "Keywords" to the dpkg
> control structure.  This would help to organize packages beyond the
> section tag that currently exists.
> Dselect and dftp could then select/sort based on these keywords to
> help a user manage the 850 packages that exist among bo, contrib, and
> non-free.
> There should be a standard set of keywords, but maintainers should be
> free to add their own as well.
If we need to diversify the section tag, I think we can do it without
"hacking" in another field.

I would think that, creating a means by which dselect could recognize that
certain package dependencies are met by programs in /usr/local, would hold
a higher priority.

It is true that the number of packages in the Debian distribution is
growing by leaps and bounds and that we must address the package
organization soon (if not now) or drown. The fact that there are a large
number of packages in misc is a good indication that the package hierarchy
needs to be reorganized. One major breakdown we don't make is between user
application programs and system administrative programs (including those
used by users). The number of application programs for the distribution is
growing faster than system utilities, and seperation between programs like
oleo, octave, joe, vi, etc.. and cron, sysklogd, passwd, etc... would aid
in the selection of packages for a system installation. It seems to me
that much of the "things that are wrong" with dselect can really be traced
to the package organization. If package selection can proceed is such a
way that dependencies are "naturaly" satisfied, then many of the "mother
may I"s that bother new dselect users so much, go away.

Am I at least, working in the same problem space?



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