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Re: Wanted: converter of HTML links

>>>>> "VR" == Vincent Renardias <vincent@waw.com> writes:

    VR> On Wed, 13 Nov 1996, Fabrizio Polacco wrote:

    >> Lars Wirzenius wrote:
    >> While the program requested seems trivial, maybe you should consider the
    >> idea of patching the server to accept a request for foo.html
    >> uncompressing foo.html.gz on the fly. (does a browser tell the server if
    >> he is able to unzip a compressed file?)

    VR> 	For apache, adding a directive 'AddHandler gunzip .gz' (not sure of 
    VR> the exact syntax) does the trick, ie: the server decompress on the fly; 
    VR> anyway, I'd like to be able to read my docs without starting a www server.

You have to use a client program that can unzip  on the fly like emacs
or  use   the  zlib which  add  the  uncompression  capability  to all


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