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Re: Wanted: converter of HTML links

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I haven't received Fabrizio's message, so I'm replying to both him
and Vincent at the same time.

Fabrizio Polacco:
> > you'll get a chicken-egg here.
> > If the output of the conversion depends on the state of the files
> > installed by other packages, you'll need to re-convert the files at some
> > later stage, and what when the file you depend on have to be converted,
> > or has been converted?

I intended this to be used only for links within a document. Links
to documents in other packages will break if the other package
renames the files, of course. The package that links to them will
need to be fixed, then. I doubt that will happen very often.

> > While the program requested seems trivial, maybe you should consider the
> > idea of patching the server [- - -]

That prevents browsing documents directly from the file system,
which we really should allow.

Vincent Renardias:
> 	For apache, adding a directive 'AddHandler gunzip .gz' (not sure of 
> the exact syntax) does the trick, ie: the server decompress on the fly; 
> anyway, I'd like to be able to read my docs without starting a www server.

On the other hand, not all clients can handle .gz. So we should do the
server thing as well.

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