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Re: Qt license

On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, Heiko Schlittermann wrote:

> Philippe Troin wrote:
> : 
> : 
> : I've just followed one of the links about KDE in someone's previous 
> : post, and found that Qt (on which KDE is based) has a ``strange'' 
> : license.
> : It free only for free software (eg. GPL'ed programs).
> : Could we still package this is the free section ?
> It sould appear in contrib, not free.  Since it is NOT FREE in the
> sense, FREE is often understood.
> The people from trolltech have blessed the distribution in contrib,
> after reading the policy manual.
This "free use only in free software" sounds like a distribution
restriction on source. Pine states this restriction in a slightly
different way when it's copyright says that it can't be distributed with
proprietary software.

I believe that this kind of source distribution restriction places the
package in non-free...Bruce?



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