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Re: The Future of Debian TeX

> BASE: kpathsea, mfbase (was mfbasfnt, mfbin, mflib), texbase (was texbin,
> texlib, textfm)
> AMS: amsfonts, amslatex, amstex
> LATEX: babel, latex2e-doc, ltxgraph, ltxmisc, ltxtool

babel isn't latex; babel is tex and latex;
perhaps a GENERIC: thing is needed?
> DRIVERS: dvi2tty, dviljk, dvipsk, xdvik
> BIB: bibindex, bibtex, bibtool
> FONTS: mfnfss, psnfss, pandora, oldgerman, texpsfnt, ps2pk
> UNSORTED: auctex, hyperlatex, latex2rtf, makeindex, xypic
> Some packages may get new names and be combined when I repackage them. 
> So if someone has special questions, feel free to email me.

great that you take this work on you (with others of course).


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