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Bug#5396: Bug in debmake Version: 1.95

Package: debmake
Version: 1.95

-- Please describe the problems with the package here

The "bug" program doesn't let users file bugs against "ftp.debian.org" (or
other such things like the mailist lists), since they are not packages
installed on the system. Perhaps bug should support ftp.debian.org and so on
as special cases?

-- System Information
Debian Release: 1.1
Kernel Version: Linux kite 2.0.23 #4 Fri Oct 18 14:48:58 EDT 1996 i586

Versions of the packages this package depends on:
libc5	Version: 5.4.7-7
dpkg	Version:
dpkg-dev	Version:

-- bug report generated by the debmake bug tool

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