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Re: /usr/doc/<lang>

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Christophe Le Bars:
> Well, i can make a new package with the ISO abbreviation and
> with links for all the locale name:
> /usr/doc/fr
> /usr/doc/fr_BE -> /usr/doc/fr
> /usr/doc/fr_CA -> /usr/doc/fr
> /usr/doc/fr_FR -> /usr/doc/fr
> etc...
> No objections?

That means we can't have a package called fr. Or fi, se, no,
de, it, or any of the other abbreviations for languages. I
don't know of any collisions at once, but I'm sure we'll hit
one sooner or later. Also, on a system with many languages,
this will create a huge number of extra entries in /usr/doc.
(Are the symlinks really necessary, or would it be enough to
have just /usr/doc/fi? I can make dwww support that. Is there
any other program that needs to understand this?)

I think it might be better to move non-English documentation
into a subdirectory of /usr/doc. The best name I can come up
with is /usr/doc/LANG, giving /usr/doc/LANG/fi, for documentation
in Finnish.

On the other hand, I wouldn't mind mixing different languages
directly in /usr/doc. For example, if someone translates the dpkg
policy manual into Finnish, they might create a separate package
and that puts the files into /usr/doc/dpkg/säännöt.html (and
adds a suitable /usr/doc/dpkg/säännöt.html/.dwww-index, to make
sure the document is put into the list of Finnish documentation).

I can live with either.

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