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RedHat -> Debian

Christoph Lameter:
> Is it ok to put RedHat packages into Debian? If so how?

Only if you want to live dangerously.

In principle, RedHat and Debian are following the same file system
standard -- in practice, I don't know what problems you'd encounter. 
One thing for sure -- if you install conflicting packages from Debian
and RedHat you're going to have a mess on your hands.  The two
packaging systems are not aware of each other at the moment.

Even if you're careful, don't expect things to work seamlessly.
> Can the binaries be taken (mostly very easy) or does it have to be done
> using the Source code packages?
> We probably have to talk with RedHat before really getting into it but
> there are some packages that might be useful for us.

Now, if you're talking some kind of stunt to repackage RedHat binaries
as Debian binaries, that's probably doable for simple packages.  The
big issues to worry about are copyrights, and areas where RedHat isn't
up to Debian standards.  

Also, this should be considered a short-term solution.  A much better
medium-term solution for convergence with RedHat is source code
compatability.  I think that if we can use the same source
(unmodified) to create either a RedHat package or a Debian package
that we (well, whoever creates such packages) would have a much better
understanding of the issues relevant to binary compatability.

Binary package compatability is going to require a lot of give from
both Debian and RedHat (and both ought to update their packaging
systems for compatability).


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