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Re: What architecture are we?

Daniel Quinlan writes:
> Code generated with -m386 code runs faster on Pentium machines than
> code generated with -m486.  Hence, in the Linux kernel (in addition to
> -O2 and such) these optimizations are used:
>  i386:  -m386
>  i486:  -m486
>  i586:  -m486 -malign-loops=2 -malign-jumps=2 -malign-functions=2
> The -malign options reduce the bloating of -m486 code and speed it up
> on Pentiums.  I suggest that the GCC maintainer:
>  - add a -m586 option that is equivalent to the above
>  - make -m586 default if -m386, -m486, and -m586 are not specified
>    and make this relatively easy to change for people running i486 or
>    i386 machines

This is a good idea.  Let's do it.  Bruce?

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