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Bug#4990: e: Bug#4990: diffstat(1) can not be parsed for whatis database (fwd)

Joey Hess wrote:
> I'm the maintainer of diffstat, and it seems that mandb -c can't
> parse diffstat's manpage.

Dominik Kubla <kubla@netz.klinik.uni-mainz.de>
> Try `mandb -c'.  The output on my system is:
> # mandb -c
> Processing manual pages under /usr/man...
> mandb: warning: /usr/man/man1/diffstat.1.gz: whatis parse for diffstat(1) failed

Ok, sorry for the delay, but I had some problems installing diffstat, 
because of dependencies (I do dpkg -i); thus I untarred the manpage by 
hand and started some test (wich make me discover a coupple of bugs in 
other packages :-(

Here is your solution:

The diffstat.1 manpage has 14 rows containing only a single dot.
This is not allowed.
Change them to a dobble dot and WhaM! everythig goes.

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