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Re: X Configuration Interface for Debian

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, Tom Lees wrote:

tom >
tom >I'll also take this opportunity to suggest an addition to the packaging
tom >standards: sub-packages. These would really be required for point 2 above
tom >to work efficiently. Basically, you have separate 'control', 'postinst',
tom >etc. files for each sub-package. However, subpackages are only installed
tom >in certain conditions, and errors are not produced in other circumstances.
tom >So, for example, we could have the normal gpm package, which also has a
tom >sub-package 'gpm-emacs', which contains the t-mouse.el file, and it's
tom >installation code, which depends on the GNU emacs package. If the user
tom >installs gpm without emacs, this file is not installed. If they later
tom >install emacs, it is automatically installed as well. If the user installs
tom >gpm and emacs is already installed, the file is installed. If the user
tom >later removes emacs, the subpackage is removed.
tom >
tom >The main control file could contain a list of the sub-packages, for
tom >example in a 'Sub-Packages:' line.

Yes yes. But dont make it that complicated. Simply have packages that can
make intelligent choices about what other packages are needed in some

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