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Re: PPPD 2.3 Beta 5 release or not?

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, Joey Hess wrote:

joey >> - Gzip based compression
joey >> (Probably useless since Modems compress anyways)
joey >
joey >Some cheap ISDN modems don't. Like my Bitsurfr PRO.
joey >
joey >I'd be very interested in compression, but doesn't it have to be supported
joey >by the ppp on the other end of the line? And how much cpu would
joey >compressing a 128k connection take, I wonder?

It has to be supported by the other end. And compression usually
increases the response times on ISDN due to the compression lag.
Our ISDN lines always run without compression to have a more responsive

The pppd developers said the following regarding compression:

* A new packet compression scheme, Deflate, has been implemented.
This uses the same compression method as `gzip'.  This method is free
of patent or copyright restrictions, and it achieves better
compression than BSD-Compress.  It does consume more CPU cycles for
compression than BSD-Compress, but this shouldn't be a problem for
links running at 100kbit/s or less.

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