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Re: SmallEiffel -0.89 on sunsite - free Eiffel compiler

In comp.os.linux.announce dan@gasboy.com (Dan Wilder) wrote:

>Title:          SmallEiffel
>Version:        -0.89
>Entered-date:	30SEP96
>Description:    Eiffel toolbox including compiler, pretty printer, finder.
>		Please note: version numbers are negative;  
>		-0.89, for example, is newer than -0.91.

why are the version numbers negative?

somebody, somewhere, someday will want to package this up for debian
linux and will run into major problems with such a weird numbering
scheme - according to my understanding of the way dpkg handles version
numbers it will make it difficult if not impossible for users to
automatically upgrade versions.

i expect similar problems will occur with redhat's packaging system.

Note to debian-devel people...no, i'm not going to package eiffel, i'm
just curious about how dpkg will handle version numbers like this.



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