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Bug#5336: man manpages in italian refer to a different man package.

Package: manpages-it
Version: 0.1b-1
Maintainer: Fabrizio Polacco <fpolacco@debian.org>

I'm very sorry to raise this bug, but I discovered it answering to a
user request about whatis database. I launched man whatis on an xterm
where the LANG was set to de_DE, and then I changed xterm because I'm
not able to read german.

The difference between the two pages is so evident (the german one
refers to a makewhatis command) that I tryed with every manpage of the
man package:

manpage         de_DE           it_IT
man 1           wrong version   wrong version
manpath 1       no page         no page
apropos 1       wrong version   wrong version
whatis 1        wrong version   wrong version
zsoelim 1       no page         no page
manpath 5       no page         no page
mandb 8         no page         no page
catman 8        no page         no page

I checked also spanish and french, but there aren't pages in section 1.

I will forward the bug to upstream, and remove those pages from

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