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manpages translated: who should install what?

I'm the new maintainer of package "man".

I have a problem related to german translation, but it applies also to
all other translation, obviously.

The upstream source contains all the manpages translated into german,
both in latin1 and ascii version:

 3854  de_DE.88591/man1/apropos.man1
24408  de_DE.88591/man1/man.man1
 3166  de_DE.88591/man1/manpath.man1
 3578  de_DE.88591/man1/whatis.man1
 2159  de_DE.88591/man1/zsoelim.man1
 3137  de_DE.88591/man5/manpath.man5
 3406  de_DE.88591/man8/catman.man8
 3129  de_DE.88591/man8/mandb.man8

I would like to include these pages in Debian, to let who wants use
them. A part the conflict with some of these pages included in the
manpages-de package (with different translation?), I have some
interesting question to put in discussion:

* Which package should hold these pages?
  1) the man package
  2) a new man-de package build from man's sources holding only these
     pages in both latin1 and ascii versions.
  3) the manpages-de package.

In the latter case the maintainer of the manpages-de package has a big
job in collecting the pages from the various packages, and keeping them
in sync with updates.
This solution has also the problem of manpages installed even in absence
of the related programs, not speaking of manpages for different programs
with the same name (in packages conflicting each other like csh, vi,
emacs, etc.)

The first 2 cases have instead a classical chicken-egg problem:

* Installation: Packages installed before the package that provides the
  german environment have not installed their german pages and this
  have no way to force the upgrading of those packages.
* Removal: Removing a single package that has german manpages should
  remove also them, and the removal of the package that provides the
  german environment should remove *all* the german manpages. This can
  conflict with lists of things installed, and pushes harder the
  installation problem (in case of reinstallation).

These problems may seem marginal at the moment, but you can imagine that
will become bigger as more translations are done and put into upstreams

I would like to hear your considerations.

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