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Re: Web Standards version 2.3

> Is there a simple method for the system administrator to make the doc-files 
> avaliable only for local users, instead of world-wide?

This is, unfortunately, a server-specific issue. The procedure for restricting
access is different for each web server.

> Shouldn't that be a configuration-time option? 

Yes, in the WWW server's post-inst, but I'd prefer to see the servers
ask if they should restrict access to the local _net_. I find myself
reading Debian documentation from another system a good deal, and I
think others will do this as well. The Debian system may be a server
and not on the user's desktop.

It doesn't really _hurt_ for your system to serve Debian documents outside.
The webmasters, of course, will fine-tune this as they do the rest of their
site. Leaving access to the documentation open when the system doesn't have
a full-fledged webmaster will probably _help_ the user.


Bruce Perens K6BP   Bruce@Pixar.com

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