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Re: Bug#5307: new elvis depends on xlib

On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

liw >sanvila@ctv.es:
liw >> New elvis depends on elf-x11r6lib!
liw >> 
liw >> So you wanted a "minimal" editor and you end up installing XFree.
liw >
liw >That's the way Debian handles programs that can be used both from
liw >a text terminal and from X. This avoids creating two packages, which
liw >experience has shown is a bigger problem than requiring the xlib
liw >package. Note that you don't need anything else from X installed,
liw >just the xlib package, which is fairly small (about less than 2 MB).
liw >
liw >I'll leave it to the elvis maintainer to close this bug.

The elvis pacakge would better suggest X and not depend on it. Its
perfectly reasonable to use elvis without X.

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