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debmake suid programs

I think most of the discussion regarding the debmake wrappers is
missing the point. Please study the issues and install/use debmake before 
giving some opinion that might apply to situations you have encountered
before and might not apply to debmake.

1. In the past it was necessary to become superuser to build a package
   due to the nature of the dpkg tools. If this is wrong then please tell
   me how dpkg could work without superuser access. I have tried a number
   of ways to circumvent the issue with no success.

2. Thus every person needing to build a package needs to have full
   superuser access.

3. The permanent need to type superuser password and to issue superuser
   commands is something that is really bothering me. I want the time
   that I spend at the superuser prompt be as minimal as possible. I know
   I can make bad mistakes at that point.

4. Since every person needing to build a package already MUST have full 
   access to superuser priviledges it is reasonable to put those users
   into a group (debmake uses root) and structure/simplyfy the access to
   avoid "accidents" by issuing commands that might have unintended

5. The wrappers are only accessible to those persons with group membership
   in root and they only execute commands necessary for building a package
   with due considerations of all the percularities of the dpkg tools
   minimizing the superuser environment created.

6. The build, debclean and debpkg wrappers help to simplify things that
   a develop does again and again and again. It is a great help to develop
   packages and thus a important part of debmake.

I have no idea how sudo or some other tools could help. I have the feeling
that I would run into trouble setting up the proper enviroment for the
dpkg tools and spend extensive time figuring out ways around some issues
with those packages.

I would be glad to get informed responses to this message and get
recommendations to improve things but please study the issue first.

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