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Re: debmake suid programs

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Christoph Lameter:
> I think most of the discussion regarding the debmake wrappers is
> missing the point. Please study the issues and install/use debmake before 
> giving some opinion that might apply to situations you have encountered
> before and might not apply to debmake.

I don't have a current version of debmake (not yet on my mirror),
and I don't want to go to master to get it. On-line time is not
free for me at all times (I run mirror during those parts of the
day when it is).

> 3. The permanent need to type superuser password and to issue superuser
>    commands is something that is really bothering me.

I use the following command to build a Debian package:

	dpkg-buildpackage -rsua

sua is a small wrapper around sudo to get around quoting issues:

	sudo $*

I don't have to type my password (_not_ the root password, by
the way) more than once one in a while. This works fine with
the package I converted to the older version of debmake I have.

I don't think we want to add yet another way to become root. It
makes people nervous, and doesn't add enough value to justify
it. Given the history of obscure security holes in setuid
programs, I don't think we want to add more of them.

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