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Re: Debian WWW standards version 2.0

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

bruce >There is. Remove cgi-bin/debian. Under some servers cgi-bin/debian is
bruce >a script, not a symlink (this is the case under WN and could be so for
bruce >most other servers) and you can add security features to it if you wish.

I cannot find a script that would do that under WN.

bruce >> 3. The files that you're putting in /usr/lib/debian-www/documents
bruce >> actually belong in /usr/doc; there is no distinction between what goes
bruce >> in /usr/lib/debian-www/documents and what in /usr/doc.  Conclusion:
bruce >> /usr/lib/debian-www/documents should be abolished.

Good idea. Thus you can remove /usr/lib/debian-www since it only contains
one directory.

bruce >> 4. We need a standard way of getting things onto a master index, a la
bruce >> install-info.
bruce >
bruce >Lars has done a good job at this with "dwww" so far. I am deliberately
bruce >leaving this out of the standard until he comes to us with needs that
bruce >can't be filled without the cooperation of the installing package.

Good idea. 

bruce >> you quote the absolute pathname `/usr/bin/update-debian-www'.
bruce >> Absolute pathnames are evil, and should not be used.)
bruce >
bruce >OK, given that we will use run-parts.

Why should absolute pathnames be "evil" ?

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