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Debian WWW standards version 2.0

Much better, Bruce.

I have some comments, though:

1. Preformatted HTML files ought to be accessible and accessed by
default _without_ going through a webserver.  This is faster (in some
cases _much_ faster) and more secure.

2. CGI manual conversions and so forth should _by default_ be
restricted to access from localhost.  There should be a single point
where these scripts can be en- and disabled.

3. The files that you're putting in /usr/lib/debian-www/documents
actually belong in /usr/doc; there is no distinction between what goes
in /usr/lib/debian-www/documents and what in /usr/doc.  Conclusion:
/usr/lib/debian-www/documents should be abolished.

4. We need a standard way of getting things onto a master index, a la
install-info.  install-info is a pain because it attempts to modify a
single file.  Instead, have documents insert their index entries in
some standard format as files in a directory, and rebuild the index
using an update-html-index script.  Since people need to be able to
get at this index without installing a webserver, and programs need to
be able to install while it's not there yet, this script needs to be
in dpkg.  That's OK because it can be little more than `cat'.

5. The pathnameword `ROM' has gained currency here on this list but
will I think otherwise be ill-understood in this context.  I suggest
we don't use it.

6. Adding general stuff in /usr/doc shouldn't require calling an
update script (but of course we need to be able to add index entries).

7. Webservers should not conflict.  Ergo, update-debian-www (which
should have the word `cgi' somewhere in its name) needs to be a .d in
/etc, called using run-parts, rather than an actual program.  (Also,
you quote the absolute pathname `/usr/bin/update-debian-www'.
Absolute pathnames are evil, and should not be used.)

8. Everything in your document should use `localhost' instead of
`hostname'.  However, actual files should try to avoid specifying

9. You don't say what documentation-providing packages should do.
Make sure you specify both `sides' of the interface.


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