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Re: Bug#5261: ppp upgrade script bug #2

Daniel Quinlan wrote:

>> Package: ppp
>> Version: 2.2.0f-15
>> I don't know why (I haven't investigated the problem yet, but it isn't
>> material to this bug report), but upgrading from 2.2.0f-15 to
>> 2.2.0f-16 has failed.  Fine.  And my ppp connection was *still*
>> killed.  The installation process is not only being rude, but idiotic
>> as well.

Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org> writes:

> The same might apply to you for giving a bug report that does not
> state the problem. You should at least give me the message that the
> scirpt generates.

The problem is that the upgrade process killed and restarted my
perfectly good PPP connection.  The upgrade process will kill and
restart the connection even if it is successful.  It is, I repeat,
"not material to this bug report" that the upgrade failed.

I suggest that you learn to refrain from insulting those people who
take the time to report problems.


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