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Bug#4988: make dpkg-shlibdeps recognize scripts/java programs?

OK, now I'm confused.  Maybe we're running different versions of
dpkg-shlibdeps?  Or maybe different versions of ldd?  If I run the
dpkg-shlibdeps from dpkg-dev_1.4.3, I get:

$ ./dpkg-shlibdeps -O /bin/true /bin/ls || echo 'error exit'
ldd: /bin/true is not a.out or ELF
dpkg-shlibdeps: failure: ldd on `/bin/true' gave error exit status 1
error exit

I agree about the patch being unnecessary with regard to dependencies
of shared libraries, but it is nice not to have to look at the warning
every time.  Better to save warning messages for things that actually
might require human intervention.

Also, dpkg --search gets irritated in the next section of
dpkg-shlibdeps if none of the specified programs have any shared
library dependencies (a rare case, I admit, but still possible).

Or am I still misunderstanding what you were saying before?  Forgive
me for missing your first message --- it's been one of those weeks
(months actually) and I haven't been as careful reading the mailing
lists as I should have been.

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